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80hp Lutong Barato 2wd trator agrícola LYH820

Descrição do produto

Model LYH820/LYH860/LYH900
Pattern 4×2(Two turns actuation)
Overall Dimension(mm) Long 4060
Width 2038
High 2810
Wheelbase(mm) 2195
Front wheel tread(mm) 1385-1685(1485)
Rear wheel tread(mm) 1620-2020(1620)
Ground clearance(mm) 476/396
Turning radius (mm) 5.1
Structure quality Belt cab 3350
Does not bring the cab 3100

Quality assignment

Belt cab 1340
Does not bring the cab 1300
Trailing wheel belt cab 2250
Does not bring the cab 2040
Smallest use quality(kg)  
Belt cab 3590
Does not bring the cab 3340
First counterweight 310
Latter counterweight 480
Fixed force of traction(KN) 15.8/16.6/17.3
Engine model 4108T82/4108T86/4110T90
Demarcation power(KW) 60.3/63.2/66.2
Files number 16F+8Ror8F+4R
Speed range 0.46-36.9
Power transmission coupling Monolithic, the dry type, the butterfly-shaped spring contract, the independent operation, the double-acting type coupling
Gear box The host vice-speed change shifts gears for the straight meshing wrap
Rear axle of car central rotation Spiral bevel gear
Differential device Closed type, 4 planet bevel gears
Differential lock Meshing model
Latter final transmission The single stage planet gear type, sets outside the rear both sides
In front of first driving axle central transmission ----
First differential device ----
First final transmission ----
Transfer case ----
Front wheel tire specification 6.5-20
Trailing wheel tire specification 16.9-34/14.9-30or13.6-38
Changes the form The independent oil duct, the entire hydraulic pressure front wheel changes
Travel brake The static hydraulic pressure, the disc type, under the human control sets at the footboard
Parking brake The handle operation, the multi-rubbing surface machinery contracts the oil bath type
Ploughs the deep control mode The position control, the fluctuation control (elects to install strength position integrated control)
After system biggest lifting capacity (KN)
(point of suspension 610m place)
Being bigger than15
Suspension unit After three is hanging
Dynamic output speed of spindle (r/min) Postpositioned free standing760/1000
Draw gear form Suspends the type draw link adjustable, the draw link position
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Grupo de Produto : Maquinaria agrícola

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